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Disclaimer: As part of our commitment to excellence, MCG pledges to never have hidden charges or exorbitant prices. We are on a mission of revolutionizing the garage door industry and will never settle for anything less than premium quality. We believe that honesty is paramount to our success.

Garage Door Installation/ Replacement 

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Longing for a new garage door design? Time to replace your old garage door? Whatever the case may be, MCG has you covered. We pride ourselves in installations that are done correctly the first time around. Your garage door is on display for the world to see, so get it taken care of by experts who will ensure quality and durability. 


Imagine, you wake up one morning and realize you've overslept. You scramble out of bed, quickly brush your teeth and rush to your car—only to find out you are unable to leave your house due to a broken spring in your garage. This is every homeowner's worst nightmare. At MCG, we do full inspections upon every service to ensure this never inconveniencies you. Don't take chances, do the sure thing and give us a call today. 

Spring Replacement

Opener Installation/ Repair


The Opener is arguably the most important part of any great garage door. It provides convenience and ease of access. If you are experiencing any issues, we will come in and diagnose your current device. We typically opt for repairs as it is the cheapest option. However, if it is beyond repair we offer a variety of openers that suit your needs. We are always up to date on the latest trends and technology that can offer value to our clients.


Sometimes, it's the little things that matter. There are a number of small parts that work together to create a reliable garage door. Rollers and cables are the bread and butter of garage doors that ensure all the components work in harmony together. MCG sells cables that suit your specific garage door size & specifications. In addition, we offer top-shelf rollers that will ensure your garage door is operating smoothly and reliably. We never sell low-quality products for the sake of convenience.  

Cable & Roller Repair

Sensor Replacement


Garage door safety sensors have been mandatory on all garage door openers since 1993. Although this seemingly innocuous component can be easily overlooked, it is important that they are regularly calibrated to avoid crushing injuries. If you notice your garage door displaying erratic behavior when opening & closing, this could be the issue. Have our experts review yours today.  


 If the garage door is uneven or crooked when raising/lowering then your door is most likely off track. This can be a result of a number of issues such as broken springs, cable misalignment, damaged hinges, missing rollers and in some cases car collisions. Due to the complexity of this repair, we highly recommend having one of our experienced techs come out and diagnose the problem. This kind of repair requires specialized tools and precise execution to ensure that it is properly fixed and not a safety issue in the future.

Crashed Door Repair



Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid serious malfunctions. Whether it's a simple lube & tune or a detailed inspection, maintaining your garage goes a long way in ensuring functionality and minimizing major repairs. Do you feel like something may be a little off with your garage? Contact us today and we would be more than happy to check it out for you. 

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